The Poor Pay More for Car Insurance

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Consumer federation of america i did a study that found poor individuals actually end up paying more for their auto insurance now they compare people who have a clean record that they come from daniel low-income households to people who actually making more money but they have points on their records found that mattern some poor people do pay more for their premiums that’s so depressing so it’s not going to take action rate mandate to address the country tonight after break is in this case it he said hey listen poor people are more likely because of after all reasons we do the jagged edges are more likely begin taxes that’s office and i don’t know the state of a cat anyway of course there are lots of things you can take in a town whether you’re too young to drive her another demographic things would get that right but you see also know that you can do you make of the race is an example right let’s say for some reason for your and embraced asians got in a more products okay you couldn’t say heyyy regional charging him or right so there’s a certain laws that we can pass on this failed in this case it’s it’s not like this i’m really really interesting thing ok obviously in the u_s_ you can not trying to someone more for auto insurance just based on their income right but what they do is they look at aunty patient they look at the location of the residence and they also looking credit history okay and then and then they judge the premiums based on that but one of the recovery really red-hot the i give the doctor lord do you know insurance just politics is coming to work out that way right and by the way looking at your zip code as i indicated he is the bureau with those individuals were legitimate journalists but if you look at the driving trends of wealthy individuals as opposed to poor individuals people are poorer actually less likely to be dropped happens much of courting two studies uh…

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Compared to wealthy individuals and the reason why that happens is because gasp maintenance all that is expensive so they were only drive if they’re going to and from work of course there’s some exceptions and all that um… but i guess the what happens with a auto insurance companies is the look at wherein individuals living in all say well they’re more likely to have their car stall and and they’re more of a rest this and not but that’s actually not true at because in this case is we just show you do have more points on the record right for the hiring committee get charged less it’s i’d know manic gets frustrating seems like me just catch a break in this country by the way strewn so many differences as you go buy a house the charge of higher interest rate if you’re poor or than if you read your quebec ipl so yes he made out of all that right and i do really believe that night and i know sometimes liberals get out in the sort of take three minutes a nightmare barriers that yes note you can work pass it is possible but they only three hundred route fifty and there revolves around like her daylight outline let’s think hacked this work a little bit dense in our pleasure problem rich white guys like i did in many different what’s the big hello great and now it’s really forget hard in a week from a get out the possibly put you down in recharging your more itself